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Content is king for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even if you have the perfect keyword, it won’t optimize without great content. The days of keyword stuffing are dead and contractors need websites that are written by professionals. Web Advertising Pros provides content writing services for SEO. Each page of your custom website is written to impress the reader and also to attract relevant visitors through Google search. Our goal is to create content assets for your website and not only help you rank #1 on Google for the best keywords, but also to convert the visitor into a sale. All of our content writing staff is in-house, meaning we never outsource the work to unqualified workers. Want to know how we write your content? We follow these principles:

  • SEO-Friendly Content: Our goal in writing is to rank your page as high as possible on Google
  • Unique Content: Our in-house writing staff are professionally trained and never utilize spun content
  • Relevant Content: Our writers are educated to write intelligently on a wide range of topics pertaining to contractors and their many services

SEO-Friendly Content

Through keyword research, we target terms and implement them naturally into your on-page content. The research helps identifies the highest opportunity words, and the writing helps them actually appeal to the reader. When SEO was in its infant stages, the algorithm could be manipulated with low quality content that “stuffed” keywords into the writing. That is no longer the case. Google values high quality content that the user enjoys reading. We combine keyword placement with professional an articulate writing for the best of both worlds. We also implement other SEO strategies such as internal linking, so that one page of content links to another one through relevant anchor text.

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Unique Content

A lot of writing on the web today is auto-generated using “spinners” which is a form of technology that artificially produced content. Not only does this content read poorly to an average consumer, but it makes Google very upset. For these reasons, all content written by our staff is unique. We don’t use spun content because it creates a poor user experience and Google hates it. Because our goal is to rank you #1 on Google, we only use strategies that will help accomplish that goal. Furthemore, we are a with-hat SEO company, meaning we follow Google’s guidelines. Each page of content written by our staff passes Copyscape.

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Relevant Content

When our writing staff crafts pages on your behalf, we aren’t writing about just any topic. We write relevant content for each page with accurate representations of your services. The goal is to attract the right kinds of visitors, not just any visitor. Some marketing companies use outsourced writing material that sounds irrelevant to the topic it is attempting to rank for. Users will respond by leaving the page which increase its bounce rate and signals to Google that its ranking should be lowered. Our writers are educated to write on a wide range of topics for contractors. Our hundreds of satisfied clients have enjoyed custom websites with quality content.

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